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Range Tipis

Idaho Elk


Range Tipis The Range Tipi, or Cowboy Tipi as some call it, is one of the easiest types of tents to use.  The Range Tipi may be set up with a center pole, an external two pole set, or you can throw a rope over a limb, stake it out, and you have a shelter. The Range Tipi, with a 1' canvas wall, has a single door flap secured with a #10 coil zipper in a "L" shape, guy ropes, and a tent bag.

  Weight 32 lbs

Photo shown, includes zippered door, 1' canvas wall, A Frame






Range Tipi Prices

10.10 oz. Army Duck

10.10 oz. Army Duck Treated

9'X9' No Floor



9'X9' with Floor










Range Tipi Frames


Range Tipi A Frame
  • Full Frame (includes 8 poles, A Frame Piece, and 6 Sleeves)
  • $130.00
Range Tipi A Frame Piece
  • Replacement A Frame Piece
  • $ 37.50
Range Tipi A Frame Kit
  • Includes A Frame Kit & 6 Sleeves
  • $ 82.50
Single Upright Pole
  • Includes foot, 4 poles & 4 Sleeves
  • $ 60.00
Set of 4 - 1' Poles
  • For side walls
  • $ 20.00









*Prices subject to change without notice and all prices are subject to sales tax.









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