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Tent Options

Idaho Elk


Stove Jack

          Installed - New Tent


  • Options: 4", 5" or 6"




Stove Jack Flap


  • Canvas piece sewn above stove jack, rolls up with ties to secure in place or when stove is not used, you can cover and tie down to cover hole.
  • Does not include stove Jack - price installed
Screen Window


  • Inside Zip; 18" x 24"
  • Can be sewn into back or side walls, has inside zipped cover over screen.



Zipped Door or Buckles


  • #10 zipper sewn to door flap, additional to ties
  • Buckles - sewn to flap intermittently to secure door.


Screened Door with Zipper


  • Screen door can be sewn into the tent permanently or if you wish, it can be a separate piece that ties to the frame and used accordingly.
  • Can place two tents end to end with a zippered door in the middle.

Storm Door Cover


  • 36" x 7'
  • Canvas piece with a casing in bottom to add a rod for weight, it is sewn above door to cover door opening in bad weather.



Ridge Hole Covers


  • Canvas sock sewn to ridge hole with draw rope to close up opening.



  Extra Door Opening in Back













*Prices subject to change without notice, and subject to sales tax.








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